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François Masquelier
CEO (of Simply Treasury) and Chairman (of ATEL) + Vice-Chairman (of EACT) | Simply Treasury

François has founded “SimplyTREASURY”, a company that delivers advisory in treasury, corporate finance and ERM. Before and until December 2019, he was Head of Corporate Finance, Treasury and Enterprise Risk Management at RTL Group, leading European media company. He joined RTL in 1997. Before, he worked for Eridania Béghin- Say and ABN.AMRO. He is Doctor in Tax Law, has degree in Economy and Administration from the University of Liège and is graduated from the Solvay Business School as Executive master’s in management. He is certified ICIS and ICIP (Internal Controls Institute Professional) and ISO 31000 certified. He is also certified from Sacred Heart University (SHU) in Private Equity Funds. He is Chairman of Association of Corporate Treasurers of Luxembourg (ATEL), Vice-Chairman of European Association of Corporate Treasurers (EACT), member of the Financial Instrument Working Group created by the IAS Board in 2004. He has also been appointed as Specialist at The Institute of Risk Management (IRM) since November 2009. He is a regular contributor to different corporate finance and treasury magazines and newspapers. He is Editorial Director of the “Treasury Magazine”. He gives trainings and courses for House of Training Luxembourg and FEBELFIN Brussels. He is an active thought treasury leader.

About Simply Treasury:

Simply Treasury is a financial and treasury service provider. It delivers advisory services on Corporate Finance, Treasury and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) for Corporates. However, it also support and help financial institutions and Fintech’s to develop their solutions and align them to treasurers’ needs. Simply Treasury also serves the alternative fund industry (i.e. Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds as well as Fund Managed services companies). It covers the whole scope of treasury activities, whatever the industry and help implementing IT tools and best treasury practices.