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Photo Policy

Photo Policy

Declaration of consent for the use of photographs and videos

Items covered by this declaration of consent

Photographs and videos of the Subject taken between 2nd of March and 4th of March 2021 at 1TC.

Intended use of the items

Publication on the intranet, internet and social networks and in company publications with BELLIN authorized to make unrestricted use of the photographs and videos in its publicity activities and internal company information.


The undersigned declares that he/she agrees to the use of the photographs and videos of him/her for the purposes described above, without compensation or remuneration. Use of the photographs and videos for any purposes other than those described above or putting the photographs and videos into circulation by transferring them to third parties is not permitted.
This consent is provided voluntarily. If consent is not provided, there will be no adverse consequences. Where justified, this consent can be withdrawn at any time, in which case no future use of the photographs and videos shall be made.