Your gift from us: Early Bird discount extended

longer-early-birdWho hasn’t been there? The New Year is rapidly approaching, and there are still so many things you wanted to get done! On top of that, you’re meant to be buying gifts for your loved ones, make sure the fridge is full to the brim with all the festive foods they love, send all your Christmas cards, and so many other things you simply haven’t gotten round to yet. Really, all you want is a bit more time!This is why we at BELLIN would like to give you exactly that: more time, with our Early Bird discount extended until 13 January 2017. So you can check out the program in peace and quiet, read about our speakers and browse our list of exhibitors – there are plenty of new highlights to discover!Join us on 15 and 16 March 2017 to benefit from 1,000 minutes of pure treasury and networking opportunities at #1TC17. Made up your mind and don’t need more time? Then why not register right here and now? We’d love to see you in March! 

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