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#1TC18 Photos and Downloads Now Online

Fascinating topics, so many new faces and innovative insights – 1TC 2018 exceeded all our expectations. We have captured this unique atmosphere on camera for you to revisit or share in the 1TC experience. Simply visit our Photo Gallery or Facebook page. We’ve also made all presentations available in a dedicated Downloads section accessible to BELLIN clients.We hope you enjoy browsing our photos and presentations. If you’ve forgotten your password, just send an email to

BELLIN Recognizes Outstanding Achievements in Treasury at 1TC 2018 : “And the Winner is…”

Once a year, the BELLIN Community gets together to celebrate outstanding treasury solutions: at the BELLIN Treasury Champions Awards ceremony at 1TC Treasury Convention. The BELLIN Treasury Champions Awards recognize excellent client projects in three categories: “Newcomer of the Year,” “Best Practice” as well as “Client No. 1.” The “Newcomer of the Year” award rewards businesses that have met particularly challenging objectives through the implementation of their treasury projects, providing the entire business with fresh and groundbreaking momentum. The “Best Practice” award recognizes businesses who’ve demonstrated pioneering work or who use BELLIN products and services group-wide in a particularly efficient manner. In this category, it is the more than 50,000 users of BELLIN solutions who elect the winner on BELLIN’s dedicated communication and information platform Treasury Connected. Last but not least, “Client No.1” honors a particularly special relationship between BELLIN and a client. This year’s conference took place on February 21/22 in Rust, Germany, and saw the largest audience yet.

First on the agenda on the evening of the award ceremony: honoring the “Newcomer of the Year” – Eimskip from Iceland. The ceremony was both memorable and sweet – quite literally…
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New: BELLIN Innovation Lab – Build Your Own!

Which new approaches are relevant for treasury? What products could change treasury fundamentally? How do you actually use BELLIN solutions? Where is hidden potential and how could the software ergonomics be optimized? What would you like to see included in our products? At 1TC, we would like to explore some of the very specific, personal and detailed ideas and expectations you might have. This is why we have set up a dedicated space where our Product Management Team will look over your shoulder and watch you use the application to identify potential for optimization: the BELLIN Innovation Lab.

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Hedge Accounting Under IFRS 9 – What do Treasurers Need to Know?

The accounting standard IFRS 9 – Financial Instruments became effective on 1 January 2018 replacing its predecessor IAS 39 — Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement.  One of the biggest impacts of IFRS 9 for corporates is in the area of hedge accounting.  Whereas IAS 39 might have been perceived as a rules-based standard where hedge accounting was applied in isolation from Treasury, the objective of IFRS 9 is to align the hedge accounting outcomes with the way Treasury manages risk. In many situations, the new standard simplifies the application of hedge accounting but at the same time there are some new areas of guidance which Treasurers should be aware of. This article outlines some of these new opportunities and challenges facing corporate Treasurers applying IFRS 9.  

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The Digital Payments Revolution

Trends for digital transformation and disruptive technologies are making an impact on international payments and the work of treasurers. But what specific aspects are relevant to treasury today, and how specifically are they going to influence international payments tomorrow?

Fiber Optics --- Image by © Tom Grill/CorbisCyber security and big data

Someone might receive an incoming email apparently containing an urgent payment request from the CFO or even the CEO (CEO Fraud) – but it would actually be a scam that looked deceptively real. Once processed, it is rarely possible to reverse such payments and get the money back. Fraud attempts such as this one are on the rise and have turned the issue of cyber security into a top priority for treasurers and banks alike. For banks, big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) are providing a pivotal role, and payment solutions making use of them are gaining ground. Deutsche Bank is currently in the process of implementing a self-learning IT system that is able to recognize unusual transaction patterns based on an analysis of large quantities of customer transaction data, for example a new account number or an odd amount triggering a verification. Treasury software providers have also started offering similar solutions that aim to detect instances of fraud even before any data is transmitted to the bank.

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A Guide to “Digital Disruptors” [Expert Article]

It was in the ancient region of Sumer in Mesopotamia that a merchant first recorded his cattle trades on a slate. 5,000 years down the line, this pioneering “business technology” has led us to a completely new type of tools that fall under the umbrella term “digitization.” But how can the targeted use and viable integration of these new technologies bring real added value to corporate treasury?

The term “digitization” reflects the omnipresent chaos of clouds, robotics, analysis tools, AI, automation and so on. Staying on top of all this is a challenge. What can help untangle the perceived chaos is a general classification of technologies and tools in two categories. On one hand, we have some of the new digital technologies available to corporate treasury, which aim to enhance core systems and existing functionality. On the other hand, we have what is referred to as exponentials, i.e. tools whose scope provides completely new and different functionality. Together, these technologies make up a “toolkit” that treasury can pick from to improve performance and become more effective for their company – something that is particularly valid when a combination of tools is chosen.

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Boosting Transparency in International Payments [Expert Article]

Fast, transparent, accurate, affordable – these are the requirements treasurers have when it comes to payments. A new initiative has been designed to help achieve these objectives.

Nowadays, information is available via the Internet in real time, at all times and worldwide. Consumers have long been able to make payments at the push of a button. In turn, the expectations corporate clients have of bank payment services have changed fundamentally: treasurers are used to this convenience in their private lives, and they expect nothing less in a professional context.

The traditional correspondent banking model however is not fit to meet these requirements. International bank transfers usually take several days, charges are not transparent; you never know when the money will be credited; you receive no confirmation once it has been credited; and some details are not available at all. This is a situation that is simply unacceptable in today’s world. Companies would like to pay their bills without risking tied-up funds or late payments. To work more efficiently, companies need fees and deductions to be transparent, and they need straightforward processes including confirmation that money has been credited to their vendor.

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