New: BELLIN Innovation Lab – Build Your Own!

Which new approaches are relevant for treasury? What products could change treasury fundamentally? How do you actually use BELLIN solutions? Where is hidden potential and how could the software ergonomics be optimized? What would you like to see included in our products? At 1TC, we would like to explore some of the very specific, personal and detailed ideas and expectations you might have. This is why we have set up a dedicated space where our Product Management Team will look over your shoulder and watch you use the application to identify potential for optimization: the BELLIN Innovation Lab.

At the conference, we are going to focus on three topics:

  • Suggestions for tm5
    How can we improve the everyday use of tm5? We will observe you using the application and get your feedback.
  • Vendor Web Use Case
    Which functionality would users like to see in the first version of a new solution with the working title “Vendor Web,” aimed at providing a whitelist application that makes payments even more secure and efficient?
  • Reconciliation Prototype
    In a design sprint we have built a prototype for daily cash management that focuses on reconciliation and could be characteristic for the basic functional behavior of future tm5 features. We would like to get your feedback on this prototype and are excited to find out what you think.

We are offering 30-minute slots on all these topics throughout 1TC. Simply book a slot to get an exclusive one-on-one session with a BELLIN expert. Slots can be booked via our mobile website at

Seize the opportunity and provide input to our Product Management Team, designers and developers to see your requirements implemented. Join in and boost your own user experience as well as that of the entire BELLIN Community by helping us optimize our solutions’ ease-of-use!


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