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Virtual 1TC
March 2-4, 2021

We’re committed to connecting the world of treasury and finance. Here’s how:
our exclusive annual 1TC Treasury Convention. 2021 sees the first virtual 1TC
and the addition of business spend management (BSM) solutions and expertise to the event.

Smarter Together



1TC 2020 is all about “Open Treasury.” Join the BELLIN Community, important industry players and key BELLIN stakeholders. Benefit from engaging presentations, workshops and ample time for networking.

Open to the curious minds and strong network around you.

Open to the exciting fintech of today and tomorrow.

Open to leveraging treasury expertise up the chain.

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About 1TC

About 1TC 2021

Coming together to exchange experiences, share knowledge and enjoy networking opportunities – this has always been the essence of 1TC. In view of the global situation, we have shifted gears for 2021 to bring you the first-ever virtual 1TC.  

There is another exciting change for 1TC 2021: for the first time – in addition to treasury and other finance experts, customers, prospects, partners and employees – we also welcome Coupa customers interested in treasury and business spend management (BSM) experts. 

Enjoy a voyage of discovery into the worlds of treasury and business spend management and learn how each benefits the other. Together, treasury and BSM become even simpler, faster and smarter. 

1TC 2021 will see the 9th edition of this one-of-a-kind event. In 2020, a total of 540 participants from 20 different countries attended, and we’re set for a new record in 2021: with a virtual format that means no travel time, just a few clicks, but all the more treasury and finance excellence! Join us and be there for the first ever virtual 1TC.